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5th Grade 1st Quarter Vocabulary Practice

5th Grade 1st Quarter Vocabulary Practice 2

5th Grade 1st Quarter Vocabulary Practice 3

Winter Jigsaw Puzzles

Snowflake Factory


  Reading Test Online

Class Timer

Directions for saving your work

301 Video

Reading Rainbow Contest

Language Arts

My Marvelous Mom


Vocabulary Practice

Homophones Practice 1
Punctuation Paintball Homophones Practice 2

Story Workshops

Homophones Practice 3


Homophones Practice 4
Reading Test Prep ( Homonyms

Children's Stories and Fables

Dictionary Skills-Millionaire!

Guess the Covered Word


Author Card WebQuest

Short Stories for Kids

Author Card Template

Create a Character

Author Sites

Writing Prompts/Journal Topics

Practice Quizzes

Making Words

Apostrophe Quiz

Picture Dictionary

Prefix Quiz

Reading List

Main Idea

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Practice Test




Regrouping with Subtraction

Counting Money
Regrouping with Addition Counting Coins

Rounding to the nearest ten

Making Change

Rounding to the nearest hundred

Rectangle Multiplication


Pattern Blocks

Pentominoes--Building Congruent Figures


Fill and Pour

Match Clocks

Math Test Prep (

Making a Chart

Fraction Concentration

Interactive Multiplication Practice

Virtual Thermometer

Basic Facts

Measurement Matching Time Quiz
Solid Shapes Pattern Blocks
making change (kidspiration) Geoboard
Practice Multiplication Facts Practice Addition Facts

Telling Time
*Digital and Face Clocks
*Match Clocks
*What Time Will it Be?
*Time Quiz
*Analog Clock
*Bang on Time
*Time for Time

Science of Sound--Quiz Science Lab
Changing Sounds What Sound Is
Earth, Moon, and Sun WebQuest Task 1
Earth Observatory Eat Smart PowerPoint
Seasons Parts of a Flower PowerPoint
Plant Life Cycles Jeopardy Links for Environmental Concerns
Life Cycles Season PowerPoint
Butterfly Worksheet Life Cycles Worksheet
What! No Water? WebQuest Energy WebQuest
Social Studies
Interactive Continents Continents
Xpeditions Atlas Map Project (Mrs. S.)
Sioux Falls PowerPoint Working Together Rubric

Compare-Sioux Falls/Chicago

Publisher Project

City of Sioux Falls

Maps Worksheet
Student Work





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